Regarding the Corona virus (Covid-19)

The state of infection of the Corona virus changes markedly from week to week. Keeping up to date on developments is therefore necessary to make relevant decisions based on knowledge and with a focus on taking responsibility for minimizing the spread of the virus in our society. We at StiL have developed a strategy in relation to the risk of this spread.We take this very seriously and follow the recommendations of the authorities.

In addition to our regular cleaning routines, we have scheduled regular wiping of surfaces that we all touch. Everything from machines to handles etc.
We exhibit hand sanitizer in areas where it may be needed to make it easier for everyone to keep clean
[we kindly ask that these may remain so that all members can use and should not be brought home!!]
We have surface disinfection in all the spray bottles that are in the facility.
All employees who have cold symptoms or have stayed in high-risk areas where the infection occurs (according to the Foreign Ministry) stay at home for safety reasons for 14 days.
If you are already in quarantine, either voluntary or ordered, you stay home.
Good personal hygiene is even more important than before.
Keep distance to others in the gym.
Clean machines and weights after you´re done training.
You should never exercise when you feel sick, Corona virus or not. Please respect this!
Review rumors critically before passing them on to the third person.
If you have any further questions, please call us here at the reception.
From now on, we will regularly update the information we have published regarding the situation here on the website.
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