Testrundan is a timed running practice arranged every four weeks by our fitness sections. It is a fixed trail lap, giving you the perfect opportunity to test your progress monthly.


Cardio and fitness training is advantageous for both your physical and psychological well being. This timed run is a way for you to get a measure of your progress.


The trail is a fixed 2.5 km course that you can choose to run either 1 or 2 laps in. The instructors will record your time and show you the trail, allowing you to put all your focus on running.


The session is held outdoors and we meet up on the StiL parking lot, outside the entrance, at the appointed time. Wear suitable clothes and running shoes.


Testrundan is booked in our app, on our web page or by drop-in if there are spots available. Collect your ticket before the session starts, in the registration computers located at our entrances.


Always check the weather when choosing your shoes and clothes for the occasion. Each practice is between 60 and 75 minutes long.

Since we are outdoors all year around there is a temperature limit of -15 °C. If it is colder than this limit, the practice is cancelled. We use this web page for the temperature.


We do a collective warm up before starting the trial run. Each participant chooses the distance they wish to run, either 2.5 or 5 km.


Testrundan is arranged by StiL Orientering, StiL Löpning and StiL Längdskidor.

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