Booking terms & conditions

  • To book a trip, you must have an account on StiL's website. The registration on StiL's website is free. If you are a member of StiL, you already have an account.
  • On StiL Alpina's trips, there is an age limit of 18-years or a signature from a guardian has to be shown.
  • The trips are found under Sections -> Alpine -> Menu -> Trips 19/20.
  • When you click on "book trip", your ticket will be held for 30 minutes until you pay for the trip. Should you not pay within these 30 minutes you will lose your ticket.
  • When booking, up to three tickets can be booked by the same person. Correct names must be given to all people going on the trip. The names can not be changed afterward to another person. If the names are not accurate on departure, StiL Alpina reserves the right to withdraw the tickets without refunding the registration fee. The person accomplish the booking is financially obliged to pay for the persons booked.
  • At Skidyran a certain number of tickets for selected trips will be released. Booking and payment of the registration fee, 500 SEK, will take place on-site. The travel cost will be charged later. Exceptions are for the trips to Åre where the full amount is paid on-site. 
  • A registration fee of 500 SEK is charged per person and travel at time of booking. 
  • Payment of registration fees will be made at the online booking on StiL's website. The final payment of the trip is by invoice or at StiL's reception. The invoice will be sent to the mail you provided at the time of booking.
  • When booking the trip to Åre, the full amount is due upon booking.
  • No later than one month before the date of departure of the journey, the total amount of the trip has to be be paid. In case of late payment, a fee of 300 SEK will be added. The day after the last payment date, a payment reminder will be sent to those who have not paid. Then the person has 72 hours to pay.
  • In case of not paying your booked trip:
    - The trip will be billed
    - Your ticket will not be valid
    - If you are replaced with someone else who goes on the trip instead of you, the travel cost will be refunded (not the registration fee).
  • If the cancellation is made before the due date of full payment AND if StiL Alpina is able to fill your reservation with another customer from the waiting list, the full amount of your booking is repaid (including registration fee). IF a replacement for your reservation is not found, the registration fee will not be repaid.
  • If the cancellation is made after the due date of full payment, you will be repaid the paid amount excluding the registration fee if StiL Alpina is able to find a replacement for your reservation. If no replacement is found, there will be no repayment of any costs.
  • The tickets are personal, and no transfers or sales between customers are valid. All cancelations and changes in bookings are solely handled by StiL Alpina.
  • To cancel your reservation, please send an email to consisting of information about which trip and traveler it is regarding.
Waiting list

If any of our trips are fully booked, you still have the chance to get a ticket by signing up on our waiting list.

To sign up for our waiting list, please send us an email and fill in the email according to what is stated below. If you do not fill in the email as states, you will end up on the bottom of the waiting list. You can write up two people in addition to yourself on the reserve list.

Write according to the template. What is in parentheses in the subject line and in the e-mail address, you should fill in. The message itself should indicate which waiting list you want to be on (to what trip), your name, mobile number, and email address. The same information should be filled in for everyone you list in the list (no more than two people in addition to you).

If you want to sign up for multiple waiting lists, you must send an email for each trip.

When offered a ticket: By saying YES to the ticket you have been offered you will be liable for the place you replaced. You will then have 1 week to pay until it is one week left before departure, then you must have paid no later than the day before your trip.


  • Insurance is not included and must be provided by all persons traveling with StiL Alpina.
  • In unforeseen events, such as a shortage of snow or a low number of participants, StiL Alpina reserves the right to change to a similar destination or cancel the trip.
  • In the case of a canceled trip, StiL Alpina will refund the travel amount, but not the registration fee. The registration fee is 500 SEK for all trips, except Ruka and Åre where the entire amount is paid at one time.
  • Detailed information about the trips will be sent by email no later than two weeks before the trip. You are responsible for reading these. If you have booked for more persons than yourself, you are responsible that these persons can also access the information.
  • All equipment that is brought on the trips must be in a bag or case. StiL Alpina is entitled to refuse equipment that does not meet these requirements or repack the equipment in sufficiently against a penalty.
  • In the case of damage to cabins/apartments and / or poor cleaning, StiL Alpina reserves the right to charge passengers. For the trip, the appointed person in charge of every cabin/apartment is financially responsible for collecting money from the residents of the cottage/apartment.
  • StiL Alpina does not guarantee that all lifts and slopes on the current destination are open.
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