Are you interested in what we at StiL have to offer around training & health for you as an LTU employee? Right now we offer you who have not yet started your training some different options.

Round tour: If you have not been here before, we of course offer a tour where we show you around the facility. We have about 3500 square meters of training so it is not always quite easy to find. If you want to get started right away, see the next point.

MILON introduction: Our MILON circle is a perfect start for those who feel a little insecure. After introduction, just use your personal card in the machines and they will arrange the rest (except the training then).

Fill in the form below, you choose if you want to be contacted by phone or email,
we will contact you shortly to book a meeting.

"Exercise is about feeling good and it should be fun. We know you can do it, do you know? "

Contact form

Note here what you are interested in e.g. round tour, MILON introduction e.d. or other questions. Here you can also note which day / time that suits you best for us to contact you, and whether we should use email or telephone.

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