Club Sweden - Exercise at other gyms

StiL is a member of Club Sweden! All our members with a StiL card(12-months or direct debit, excluding daytime cards) has the possibility to train at 230 different training facilities in 180 different places for a minimum fee of 6.50 SEK/visit.

How it works!

1. Contact the reception and ask them for a password to KlubbSverige Mobil.

2. A text message will be sent to your phone with your personal code and a link. Click the link and register at Choose the number of tickets and pay.

3. Now you are all set to work out in all of Sweden! To use the service: send a text with the word “TRÄNA” to 71120. You will then receive a reply containing a guest ticket which you will show to the personnel in the reception at the gym you’re visiting.

Which gyms can I train at?

Click here for a complete list of all the members of Club Sweden. NOTE! If you are a member of StiL, the tickets are not valid at other gyms in Luleå.

Price list

Choose between buying a fixed number of tickets that you can use whenever and wherever you want for the entire duration of your gold membership at StiL, or buying a fixed period ticket (30 days/period, 2 periods minimum) that gives you unlimited access during the decided period.

1 ticket: 30 SEK
5 tickets: 80 SEK
10 tickets: 120 SEK
20 tickets: 160 SEK
30 tickets: 195 SEK

2 x 30 days: 195 SEK

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